TIMETABLE ( All Staff are Japanese & Korean)

we are open on Sunday

27 Monday: Chiyo(10~3) Candy(2~10) Ruru(10~4) Maria(4~10) Jasmine(10~5) Megumi(5~10) Mimi Mana(10~5) Noa(4~10)

28 Tuesday: Noa(10~4) Candy(2~10) An Mimi(10~5) Megumi(5~10) Mana(10~4) Maria(4~10) Ruru(10~3)
Arisa(2:30~10) Chiyo(10~5)

29 Wednesday:  Nami Jasmine (10~5) Maria(4~10) Misa Bella
Mio Chiyo(10~5)

30 Thursday: Maco An Sena(10~6) Megumi(5~10) Sori(10~5) Bella(4~10) Mio Ruru(10~5)

31 Friday: Maco(10~5) Mio(4~10) Sua(10~9) An Mana(10~4) Maria(4~10) Mimi Misa(10~6)

1 April: Saturday: Maco(10~5) Maria(4~10) Sua(10~7) Candy Mimi Mio(10~4)

2 April: Sunday: Emi Megumi(10~4) Maria(4~10) Mimi(10~5) Arisa


(02) 8963 0000

Level 1, 276 Pitt Street,  Sydney,  NSW 2000

Monday – Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday Open (11am-10pm)

*At the weekend or after 5:30 pm, you need to call and our friendly receptionist will go downstairs to greet you.